02.23.17The Harry Connick Show comes to Troy Sawyer's house for an Interview

The Harry Connick show came to Troy Sawyer's house, which is located in the Musician's Village in New Orleans, La., to tell his story as a musician, an educator, a new father, and a resident of the Musician’s Village.

01.16.16Troy Sawyer is featured in Soundtrack63

Soundtrack ‘63 is a multi-media, live music performance that takes the audience back in time with a cultural and artistic retrospective of the Civil Rights Movement from 1963 to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Originally produced by 651 ARTS and developed by Creative Director Chen Lo, Soundtrack ’63 premiered in 2013 as part of the Movement ’63 series. This performance of Soundtrack ‘63 will feature the untold and under-told stories of New Orleans’ civil rights history. It includes performances by local artists alongside commentary by Dr. Cornel West and Sonia Sanchez, and performances by Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets. This 3-screen multi-media installation, live music, and edutainment retrospective of the Civil Rights Movement is an incredible cultural and artistic experience that takes you on a journey from the continent through milestone events in African-American history through compelling images, video, jazz, hip-hop, soul, and poetry.

From the Black empowerment songs of James Brown to the outcries for justice for Mike Brown, Soundtrack '63 illuminates attention around one of the single most important movements in history, with liberation messages that remain relevant today. Soul Science Lab duo, Chen Lo, and Asante Amin recreate the year 1963 in a live documentary with a host of dynamic performance artists whose work breathes new life into the sights and sounds that shaped the music of an era—allowing a modern audience to re-think, re-new, and re-mix their conceptions of the past.

Guest performances by Troy Sawyer, Shaka Zulu, McDonogh 35 Senior High School Gospel Choir, Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets, and Sunni Patterson.

Soundtrack ’63 at the CAC is presented in collaboration with Junebug Productions and Soul Science Lab. Originally commissioned and produced by 651 ARTS.

11.21.15Troy Sawyer opens "The Comedy Get Down Tour" in New Orleans!!!

Numerous motion picture appearances, countless television shows, sitcoms and standup specials, a talk show, three radio shows, and two books. Cedric ‘The Entertainer’, Eddie Griffin, D.L. Hughley, George Lopez and Charlie Murphy have been breaking ground in the comedy business and bringing the laughs for decades. This is a once in a lifetime chance to see five members of comedy royalty come together for the comedy event of the year ‘The Comedy Get Down’

05.06.15Troy Sawyer makes an appearance on The Food Network 2015!!!

Troy Sawyer makes an appearance on the Food Network at the Victory 2015!!!

07.13.13Troy Sawyer wins the Outstanding Millennial Award for Music presented by Offbeat in 2013!

08.26.10Troy Sawyer makes an appearance on the New Show "This New House"

Troy Sawyer makes an appearance on the new show "This New House" which is an offspring of the show "This Old House"... the episode is entitled: "A Floating House" at Make It Right in New Orleans is going to premiere tonight (8/26) on the DIY Network at 8pm ET.) For more information about the episode as well as dates and times it's scheduled to re-run, please see the web page:http://www.diynetwork.com/this-new-house/show/index.htmlThe episode is titled "A Floating House" and can be found under Episode Guide

08.14.10Troy Sawyer is chosen out of many to be a part of Artist Corps New Orleans!

Artist Corps New Orleans matches the skills of accomplished musicians with the needs of public elementary schools. Artist Corps Fellows are embedded in schools, where they teach music and participate in music-based community service. They receive a modest stipend and ongoing pedagogical training. In partnership with Sweet Home New Orleans, an advocacy and social services organization, Artist Corps will launch “Culture Corps." This project will engage local tradition bearers (e.g., brass bands, Mardi Gras Indians) to present and develop curricula focused on New Orleans culture at four partnering charter schools: Pride College Prep, Crocker Arts & Technology, Langston Hughes, and New Orleans College Prep. This grant will support the creation of the Culture Corps Project.

10.12.09Troy Sawyer makes the cover of City Business